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Bespoke Web Design
We can design, develop and host a website for you in one simple consolidated plan. With years of experience making the modern web, you can be sure your site brings you the presence and impression you require.
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Value Shared Hosting
Pay only for what you use, with our modern shared hosting plans you can make use of great cost savings without compromise on our new scalable web hosting platform.
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Our Story

Since our inception in 2014, Grey Method has proudly designed and hosted many websites for small businesses and creatives around the U.K. Whether your needs are bespoke software development, or web design, we have you covered from idea to conception!

What's our secret?

Grey Method is unique in that we can provide enterprise-grade solutions with costs unheard of in the commercial landscape. We can deal with the design, development, hosting and support of your project. This means we can consolidate everything you need to make your project a success without the cost of co-ordinating an otherwise complex project.

The truth is, most small businesses and personal users don't have the time or budget to deal with many different providers for each stage of their web journey. We've enabled hundreds of small businesses and individuals around the UK to get the same quality design and development, without the astonishing cost often associated with a bespoke website. Because we deal with everything in one place, it's easier for us, but more importantly easier, simpler and cheaper for you.

Education/Charity Pricing

If your organization is a not-for-profit organization or an educational establishment, we offer large discounts to our design and development services and in some cases may even be able to help you free-of-charge.

What's New?

All of our shared web hosting packages now come with super fast SSD storage space as standard!

Our free web hosting packages are simple to manage with full support for PHP 5.5 and MySQL. You can install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many more without being charged a dime.

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