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Reporting Abuse

Published 18th March 2016

Our platform is designed to be safe and reliable for all users. But occasionally we get users who do not comply with our terms of service, it is possible that they may act maliciously before we are able to prevent it completely.

If you believe a user on our platform has acted maliciously with use of our services, please contact abuse@greymethod.org.uk. We will come to a decision on abuse notifications within 24 hours of recieving it as required, complying with law enforcement agencies if necessary.

If your abuse complaint is in relation to copyright infringement and digital rights management, please begin your subject field with "DMCA - " without quotes, this helps us seperate concerns as these issues may be dealt with by a different team.

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Copyright Law

As a UK business trading in the US and other regions, we comply with the Digital Millenium Copyright Act and Copyright Laws.