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Project Magma Bulk Licence

(100 Users, 10GB Storage, Lifetime)

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Project Magma

Single User Package

The web re-imagined, Project Magma is a device agnostic, web operating environment. It features a comprehensive suite of productivity applications that leverage the power of the Grey Method cloud to provide rich user experiences regardless of your device. It integrates seamlessly with many services, allowing to log off, and log in elsewhere with all of your documents just as you left them.

Built for Power Users

Magma boasts a fresh development environment designed from the ground up to understand web-centric projects, providing all the standard namespaces and key elements of your standard desktop shell, such as file operations, database interactions and socket-level communications - all integrated seamlessly by our web operating environment. Whether you're a web developer, or a back-end developer, there's common ground for everyone to start off on the right foot with the MagmaDev IDE.

This software purchase entitles you to 100 user accounts on the Project Magma cloud environment. They are log-ins only, with 10GB of available SSD storage each for a users applications and files. Organizational features and workgroups are not available for single user licences, you must contact us directly to arrange a discussion where we could offer you bulk licencing and management options for organizations and Active Directory integration.

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