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Business.Grow Website Package

For Small Businesses

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Empower Your Business

The challenges new businesses face in the modern world can be difficult and time consuming, especially when coming up with a solution to enhance your digital presence.

The Business.Grow package combines the simplicity of a one-off payment with the flexibility of our web hosting services, design services and support to give you all the tools and help required to grow your digital presence.

The Right Toolkit

Our service stack includes development services, design services, social & search engine optimization services along with a powerful hosting platform. With our packages, you get the benefit of having everything you need to build a great looking website all in one place.

Our choice of hosting panel is PLESK which provides a great deal of flexibility, allowing you to install hundreds of great ready-to-go website platforms, or build it yourself with support for both .NET and PHP based web stacks.

Our hosting packages all come with blazing fast Solid State Disks and high network throughput, so that you never have to worry about your site feeling slow and choppy.

PLESK, our web hosting platform.

Dead Serious About Design

Using the latest web standards and technologies, Grey Method is committed to delivering a professional and engaging design to help you secure a good first impression.

Our team produce high quality mockups and deliver professional website design templates and graphics to give your existing, or new website a quality feel.

No Headaches

Getting your package is as simple as adding this product to your basket!

Each of our web hosting bundles come with a selection of service allowances, meaning you might only have to pay once and all of your website running costs are covered for up to the next 24 months.

Once you have purchased a bundle, we'll set the cogs in motion, initiating any design process and setting up your hosting account and domain names. This process usually takes no longer than 24 hours, and we usually aim to complete any design work within just a few weeks.

The Grey Method Account Center

Included In This Package

This package is intended for small startups which only require hosting services and occasional support in case something doesn't go to plan. Bundles are cheaper by up to 40% when compared to the individual values.[1]

By purchasing this package, you will gain access to the following:

  • 24 Months of our Silver Web Hosting Package
  • Unlimited Configuration & Recovery Email Support (24 Hour)
  • 8 Prepaid Hours of Design Services[2]
  • 20% Discount on all further Design & Development Services
  • *.co.uk Domain Name Included[3]
  • Initial Setup Included[4]
[1] Based on a bundle value of £283.56 for 24 months of silver web hosting (88.56), two-year *.co.uk domain registration fee (20.00), initial setup service (15.00) and 8 hours of design services (160.00).
[2] Typically billed at an hourly rate, available without extra payment for up to 8 hours. Typically enough to design and provide a basic website design, please contact us before you purchase if you are unsure about this.
[3] This offer is only valid for the duration of your package and is not refundable. Should you cancel your package at any time, the cost of the domain name will be deducted from the initial purchase amount.
[4] The initial setup includes the provision of your hosting account, provision of your domain name, configuration of DNS & hosting parameters, deployment of custom application or installation of wordpress to your desired specification.

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